Look Ahead: The Future of OurPlayStudio in 2020

Updated: Nov 13, 2020

In Feb 2017, Aruche and I created our 2nd game - Mini4Heroes to participate in a game jam for the Airconsole platform. We won ourselves little prizes and received some friendly feedback on the game.

By end of 2018, we managed to make some money out of Mini4Heroes and we were very excited about it. Hence we planned to create something similar in 2019 except make it better and on a more popular platform - Steam.

This gave birth to OurPlayStudio, a home-based indie game studio (I would like to call it that), where we will house all our future creation, be it games, digital content, and e-shop, etc. Our common dream is to one day build a physical studio together where we can work and play together with our future teammates.

We plan to release our new game in the year 2021, estimated to be somewhere in Q1. Not cast in stone but we would like to let our players experience a fun 2D action game where you can play together in a team of 4 to try and clear each stage as quickly as possible. Solo play is also available but probably more fun when you play together with friends.

There is no secret in the name of the game and currently, we titled it Space Force Crazy War. Being an adult is tough and the more you know, the smaller you become. In this stressful world, we want to let our players release their stress and do what they probably can't do in real life.

"Gaming allows you to do what you can't do in real life. That is the true value of gaming."

We are pretty excited about our new game although the development actually has just started. There are many ambitious ideas planned out early this year but because we have a small team, we need to be realistic and focus on the best out of the many ideas we had.

The screenshot does not represent the final game output. The game is still in early development.

In time to come, we will release more and more news about Space Force Crazy War, so stay-tuned on OurPlayStudio. You can also follow us on our Facebook page for more timely updates.

Catch you guys later.


Vincent Sin

OurPlayStudio Team

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